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Unity Cross Necklace With Chain

Retial Price: $150.00

Our Price: $115.00

Sterling Silver Unity Cross Necklace.

(See the video below.)

The Unity Cross Pendant is the perfect gift for your Bride. The Unity Cross pendant is hand crafted of solid STERLING SILVER and is Rhodium Plated and Gold Plated in the center to ensure lasting beauty. It has 54 Beautifully cut Cubic Zirconia stones set around the edges to make this a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is a wonderful and lasting image of commitment to your Unity. This comes with a 16 inch solid Sterling Silver Chain that is Rhodium plated.

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The Pendant is made of solid Sterling Silver and is 1 3/8inch; tall and is handset with beautiful machine cut cubic zirconia. The pendant is both Rhodium plated and gold plated to ensure a lasting beauty. The chains are solid Sterling Silver and also Rhodium plated.

Unity Cross Necklace

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